Excellent instructor. Great class. Good check/review of fundamentals and more advanced drills than what I normally do. Safety was appropriately emphasized. Joel cares about helping his pupils become better and safer shooters. 10/10 would recommend to new/intermediate enthusiasts. I was very pleased to learn some new techniques and get some quality feedback. Joel took the time to give each class member personalized feedback and instruction.

Matthew P. – July 18, 2021


Training with Joel was a great experience. Once proficiencies where covered, we got right into the meat. Engaging and moving from cover, transitioning from rifle to pistol, reloading while moving, proper target engagement(slicing the pie), and engaging with strong hand pistol after the rifle goes empty. Safety was top priority and access to medical was clearly defined. I will definitely train with Joel again!

Jason S. – July 18, 2021


I had a wonderful time going through the training with Joel. I am a new shooter and he was able to correct a few bad habits I had developed with shooting on my own. I am definitely going to take another course with him in the future.

Bryan W. – May 24, 2021